Monday, June 26, 2017

ZAFUL Review: Red Shirt with Rainbow Panel

Hello, lovelies! So, here's another casual outfit or lazy outfit rather (lol!) featuring ZAFUL . In this look, you probably know already how I threw on a shirt and pants for casual days or if I'm running errands. I still opted to wear a loafer sandals to balance the look since my pants are already distressed, so I wear something to equalize my look just in case I bumped into some of my clients, I still look the way I dressed when they usually meet me. Haha!

ROSEGAL Review: Khaki Flower Turnlock chain Crossbody Bag

Hello, lovelies! Last week was a bit tough because we had a left and right appointments but guess it will be tougher this week. No, I am not complaining but I'm thankful because those are all blessings. I hope the two deals will continue pushing through until we closed it. Anyway, I'm taking the opportunity of blogging today as tomorrow schedule will be hectic. For today's outfit post, I will be featuring this pretty bag from ROSEGAL  By the way, if you're on the hunt for long dresses this summer, you might want to check out these long sleeve floral maxi dress.

ROSEGAL Review: Laidback Feels

Hello, lovelies! I started my Monday by going to the Registry of Deeds as early as 8:45 a.m. I have a transaction that I'll be closing in the next few weeks and I thank God always for the blessings. And since our car is colour-coded today every Monday, we just always stay at home as much as possible and do not make appointments except if it is something urgent. So, for today's style post is featuring ROSEGAL and I enjoyed this shoot because the outfit truly reflects my mood. I can't help but smile on the entire shoot. Well, it's just a short shoot, anyway. I just love this outfit!

DRESSLILY Review: Striped Red Shirt & Metallic Sunglasses

Hello, lovelies! I'm having a lot of day-offs and so the consecutive style posts. Just kidding. Well, this is the usual me when I go out for some casual meetups with friends, go grocery shopping and go malling. I'm a t-shirt and shorts girl most of the time. Today, I'm featuring these items DRESSLILY sent over weeks ago. I opted to pull a clean look by incorporating white pieces. I hope you like this look, lovelies!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Ruffled Contrast Piped Blouse

Hello, lovelies! It's my day off. So, let me wear anything comfortable but I'm not talking about pajamas, okay? For today's look, I pulled a comfortable and simple look yet in style. I would always go for shorts and a tee but for a change, because I really wanted to put some style and look dainty, I wore a ruffled top with short puff sleeve from ROSEGAL. Continue scrolling down below to see more details. By the way, if you're on the hunt for long dresses this summer, you might want to check out these long sleeve floral maxi dress.

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